Nairobi District League Match 2019

Rules & Conditions

1. The format will be Four Ball Better Ball Match play under the following rules:

2. League Matches to be played by club members only, (Caddies will not be allowed).

3. Each league match will not have different categories as all teams will play for equal points.

a) There will be a minimum of 15 teams; each team will play for maximum 2 points.
b) The maximum number of points to be played for per Competition will be 30.
c) Players will play of their full handicap subject to 90% of handicap difference.
d) There will be no strokes limit.
e) There shall be no limit to the number of teams (Caution is advised so as not to create a hold up on the course).

4. Bonus points. A bonus point will be awarded as follows:

4.1, One (1) point to a visiting team if they score 17 or more points.

4.2, One (1) point to a home team if they score 22 points or more

5. If a Club is unable to raise minimum 15 teams, points will be forfeited. Example, if a home team raises only 10 teams, the home team will forfeit 10 points.

6. The Captain of the hosting Club will present a list of teams to the visiting Captain no later than the Friday 10.00 a.m. preceding the match. In turn, the visiting Captain shall respond no later than 10.00 a.m. Saturday preceding the match. Both Captains must return the team sheets complete with their players’ current handicaps. There shall be no restrictions on matching of handicaps or on the order and sequence of pairing teams.

7. The League draws should be sent to at least the following individuals;

a. Golf Admin
b. Captain
c. Team League Convener
d. Overall League Conveners & Administrators

Note, penalties for issuing the draw late will be enforced as below:

  • Home team delays by two hours i.e. list sent after 10.00a.m. But not later than Noon, 4 points to be deducted from final score on Sunday.
  • Home team delays past 12 noon; visitor’s will be granted a walkover and awarded the full 30 points.
  • Visiting team delays by two hours i.e. draw released after 10.00a.m. But not later 12 noon, 2 points to be deducted from final score on Sunday. This will apply even if the home team delayed by up to 2 hours the day before. Visiting teams delays by more than two hours i.e after 12 noon all 30 points will be awarded to the home team.

To enforce this team must copy all emails to the league convener of the convening team, for 2019 this will be Kenya Railway Golf Club   (


8. Both Captains and/or League conveners will meet at 7.45 a.m. on the day of the match to announce any changes to the team(s) and/or revisions in handicaps. The host Captain will offer his amendments first and the visiting Captain can re-match the new pairs, if required. The maximum number of changes permissible per team will be six on the morning of the league match. (For clarity sake moving one individual constitutes one change and moving a pair constitutes two changes.)

9. The match will commence at 8.00 a.m. (or as agreed by both Captains) and players shall play at the times agreed. The Rules of Golf shall apply. If a start time earlier or later than 8.00 a.m. is required, this must be agreed by both Captains at least 48 hours in advance in writing.

10. No member can play for more than I club during the league annual season. In the event that this happens the subsequent Club that he will have played for shall lose any point /points (if he had won) and the member shall be disqualified from playing league for any club for the rest of the season.

11. It is the responsibility of the host Captain to submit the results of the match to the Club responsible for co coordinating the league. The deadline for submitting results will be 24hours after the match. Monthly point’s standings will be provided by the league convener.

12. Once the league match results have been submitted to the League convening Club, the League Convening club should verify and issue a revised and updated league standings Log. Ideally this should be done within 48 hours of getting all league results from the previous weekend.

13. In the event of a dispute, the Captains will note their objection on the score sheet prior to signing it and the matter then referred to the Nairobi District Captains’ meeting for a ruling. Their decision will be final and binding.

14. In the event of any change to match dates, this would have to be agreed upon by both Captains not later than two weeks prior to the set date. Failing to turn up for a match and/or not giving prior notice within the stipulated time will be grounds for dispute and Clause 10 invoked. Any change in league match date must be communicated by either Captain in writing by Monday 10.00 a.m. one week prior to the league match. By 4.00p.m. the same day a new league date must be agreed. Any cancellation after that will result in the team asking to cancel losing all 30 points. There will be a total of maximum THREE postponements for any match, for the entire league duration

a) The matches postponed should be played before the next league scheduled game

b) Any team that postpones a match more than once automatically loses the fixture and a total of 30 Points awarded to the opponents they were scheduled to meet

c) In the event of a no show by the visiting team they will lose all 30 points. If the host team is a no show, they will lose all 30 points and allow for courtesy on their course to the visiting team. Furthermore the teams will be brought forward to the District Captain’s meeting for any disciplinary action.

15. The last date for league matches for 2019 will be 29th September, 2019. Matches played after this date will not be considered towards the monthly point standing.

16. End of League has been scheduled for 13th October2019. The draw for 2019 is here attached and agreed by all Nairobi district Captains

Revised JANUARY 2019.